5. Dehydration & Daily Quantum of Drinking Water.

5.1 Your Body's Many Cries For Water: Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

5.2   Audio interviews of Dr F Batmanghelidj MD, where he was being  interviewed in audio by Tony Robbins.

5.3    Dr Isaac Eliaz MD.   

Brief video  where this medical doctor suggests to drink more water.
Title: How Does Drinking Water Fight Disease.

5.4 Why is water important for our bodies-Alyse McDermott ?

5.5  Drink Water for Life- Deanna DeLong

6.  Lawrence Wilson BSc - Suffering from Brain Fog - Audio

7. Leonardo DiCaprio's YouTube Message About 11th Hour Sustainability



8. Endocrine Disruptors


8.2 Dr Theo Colborn's Time Capsule

8.3 Endocrine Disruptors Dr Theo Colborn The Male Predicament

8.4 World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Theo Colborn on the Health Effects of Water Contamination from Fracking

9. Susan Holtz talks about endocrine disruptors-audio

11. The Miracle of Water & Water has Memory

10.  Dr Edward Bach - Flower Essences & Remedies

10.1 Dr Edward Bach life story - first part

10.2 Dr Edward Bach life story - second part

10.3 Dr Edward Bach life story - third part

11. The Miracle of Water & Water has Memory

11.1 The Miracle of Water: Could this be reason why water has a memory?

11.2  French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste 

11.3 Water Has Memory  – By Guru Sadhguru at IIT Madras, India

11.4    Water Has A Memory - How To Make Flower Essences by Dev Sarang Khalsa

11.5     Water Has A Memory Pt 2 - How To Program Water by Dev Sarang Khalsa

11.6    The Memory of Water: General video about water and refers to memory of water

11.7    Dr Masaru Emoto  A MUST VIEW

11.8  Dr Masaru Emoto (‘Missionary of Water’)


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EVENING THREE - about 2 hours 21 min duration for viewing in this third evening.

Click on arrow button on each movie/video to being play-viewing. You can also enable each movie/video to take up the full screen. 

5.1  Your Body's Many Cries For Water" Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

"Your Body's Many Cries For Water" is a book by Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Here we present an video talk by this famous Doctor, who has since passed from this world.
As a result of extensive research into the role of water in the body, Dr. Batmanghelidj believed that he had found chronic dehydration to be the cause of many conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and diabetes in the elderly.
This video is introduced by the Vice President of Carico International (estab 1967) Joseph Diciacco.
In this video the author of this best selling book "Your Body's Many Cries For Water" is speaking. 

Duration: 17 min: 52 secs

5.2    The above are audio interviews of Dr F Batmanghelidj MD, where he was being  interviewed in audio by Tony Robbins, about dehydration-not drinking enough water-and other diseases caused by dehydration.

Collective Duration: About 30 minutes

5.3    Dr Isaac Eliaz MD.   Brief video  where this medical doctor suggests to drink more water.

Title: How Does Drinking Water Fight Disease

Duration: 4 min: 14 secs

5.4 Why is water important for our bodies?

Alyse McDermott - This lady provides a quick overview of why water is important for our bodies and what water does for different parts of our bodies.

Duration: 2 min: 07 secs

5.5  Drink Water for Life

This lady presenter (Deanna DeLong) addresses what water does for different body functions - presented in quite a different and very clear style.

Duration: 10 mins: 08 sec

6.  See web site of nutrition analytical researcher Lawrence Wilson BSc. WATER.htm

On his web site he is opposed to all forms of reverse osmosis ('RO') water, and recommends all should first try to source spring water.

Listen to his audio/interview: 'Suffering from Brain Fog'. Here he also speaks of reverse osmosis processed water not hydrating the body well. He says “we prefer spring water”.

Duration: : 74 MINS 46 SEC

(7) Leonardo DiCaprio's YouTube Message About 11th Hour Sustainability

Great message here about how every day we VOTE as consumers- about what we decide to buy.

Duration: : 1 MINS 49 SEC


EVENING FOUR - about 3 hours 12 min duration for viewing in this fourth evening

8. Dr Theo Colburn PhD - Scientist on Endocrine Disruptors



Letter to the president about chemicals disrupting our bodies: Theo Colborn at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012. She talks about homosexuality and some causes.

She Stealth Chemicals, flying below the governments toxicological tests that protect human heath.... and below the radar of most doctors.

The term she gives to the attention she seeks from  Government is 'INNER SPACE RESEARCH' --- being research on the inside of us humans.

In 1991, Theo and a team of 21 international scientists came up with the term for these chemicals: endocrine disruptors. She founded Endocrine Disruption Exchange, which funds research into endocrine disruption and its causes and has influenced an entire movement for safer chemicals.

We can thank Theo Colbern and her research for the BPA bans.

BPA (bisphenol-A) has been identified as an endocrine disruptor and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found detectable levels of BPA in 93 percent of 2517 urine samples from people six years and older. According to the Center for Environmental Health:

“BPA is estrogenic, meaning it can mimic the action of estrogen, a powerful hormone that controls sexual development, is important in conception and during pregnancy, and plays a role in the growth of some breast cancers.”



8.2 DrTheo Colborn's Time Capsule


8.3 Endocrine Disruptors Dr Theo Colborn The Male Predicament



If you thought homosexuality is natural...think again. It mind boggling how many reports and studies show gender bending, cancers and low IQ are a result of consumer habits.

Learn more about Phthalates, which are Endocrine Disruptors and how they are effecting you, your children and the development of your future children.

A number of years ago, after reading some of the research about the endocrine disruptors on Theo’s computer, her college age grandson, said:

"This is nothing more than industrial terrorism in the womb."
Read more:

8.4 World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Theo Colborn on the Health Effects of Water Contamination from Fracking


9.   Susan Holtz

Audio broadcast of interview of Susan, a senior policy analyst in Canada    (see  web site:   for report she refers to in this audio broadcast)
Susan talks about endocrine disrupters. She confirms the findings of Theo Colburn in the book ‘Our Stolen Future’,  that some substances can mimic estrogen in body. She adds this is of considerable concern

Endocrines control hormone system in the body, including for reproduction.......By one example she states ‘deet’ is an insect repellent, which is in water tests and comes up regularly.

In 1990’s UK fish were all treated sewerage, via clean treated effluent put into ‘their’ stream water.....and this showed that treated sewerage can cause sex reversals.       
Susan outlines that 350 million prescription drugs are handed out per year in Canada and half the population of USA take at least 1 prescription drug  .... 20% to 80% are then excreted from body.....including into Rivers (such as Waikato River in NZ !!!)

In 2002 tests were taken from waters around/ near 14 different sewerage treatment plants.....and found drug residues of pharmaceutical products in ALL of these waters.

Duration: 19 mins: 56 secs



He began as a traditional physician with Bach of Medicine, and later became a holistic healer-remedy inventor with his Bach flower remedies in water, at Mt Vernon, now the Bach Centre.

His flower essences, remaining as they do in the water, indicated some form of memory type of attribute to water. One of his consistent long standing phrases was:

“No knowledge, no science is necessary.... For everything in nature is simple.”

Part 1 of Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing

In use since the 1930s, Bach Flower Remedies are known throughout the world as a safe and effective form of complementary medicine. They originated from Bach’s study and use with patients of Samuel Hahnemann’s homoeopathy.

This documentary looks at the discovery of the Flower Remedies by Dr Edward Bach, and explains the tradition of making the Mother Tinctures.

Duration: 9 mins 37 sec

10.2    DR BACH---PART TWO

Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing Part 2

Duration:  9 mins : 20 sec


Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing Part 3

Duration: 4 mins : 39 sec

11. Water & Memory

11.1 The Miracle of Water! Could this be the reason why water has a memory?

New research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has a memory—a claim that could change our whole way of looking at the world. 

Does water have memory? Can it retain an “imprint” of energies to which it has been exposed? This theory was first proposed by the late French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste in a controversial article published in 1988 in Nature as a way of explaining how homeopathy works. Benveniste’s theory has continued to be championed by some and disputed by others. The video clip below, from the Oasis HD Channel, shows some fascinating recent experiments with water “memory” from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany. The results with the different types of flowers immersed in water are particularly evocative.

If Benveniste is right, just think what that might mean. More than 70 percent of our planet is covered in water. The human body is made of 60 percent water; the brain, 70 percent; the lungs, nearly 90 percent. Our energies might be traveling out of our brains and bodies and into those of other living beings of all kinds through imprints on this magical substance. The oceans and rivers and rains might be transporting all manner of information throughout the world.

Duration: 2mins : 50 secs

11.2  French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste

He agreed to a request for a homeopathic doctor to try to prove Homeopathy did work- Dr. Jacques Benveniste began with the view nothing could be proven. He was surprised when his research team around 1982-87 showed water has some form of memory-memorising a molecule it had seen before! The ‘memory of water’.

A video showing how scientists Jacques Benveniste and his team provided convincing evidence showing the mechanism for the efficacy of homoeopathy. The clip also shows the extraordinary tactics employed by the magazine Nature to discredit his findings.

Duration: 9 mins 50 sec

11.3 Water Has Memory  – By Guru Sadhguru at IIT Madras, India

Duration: 9 min:13 sec

11.4    Water Has A Memory - How To Make Flower Essences by Dev Sarang Khalsa

Duration: 9 min:24 sec

11.5     Water Has A Memory Pt 2 - How To Program Water by Dev Sarang Khalsa

Duration: 28min: 44 sec

11.6    The Memory of Water: General video about water and refers to memory of water

Duration: 8 mins: 28 sec

Refers to Japanese water researcher Dr Emoto. One correction we perceive in this video is it says Dr Masaru Emoto was in 1995 the first person to record musical impressions on water. Whereas, without depreciating Dr Masaru Emoto’s great work, it is worth noting that in fact the Chinese have records of research about water’s memory and impressions on it back to the time of the years BC, just before year 0 AD; and in Japan much work was researched into water and its crystalline structure in the 1930’s by scientists such as..... Also, when they suggest in this video the water they collect in Venezuela is in a unique virgin state (as it no doubt is, due to its non-contact with humans) and the mother of all waters; it may be limiting when it implies that such water that has never been in contact with humans can only be found in this one locale on earth---it does not make the point that some spring water from deep aquifers may have been in earth’s natural underground storage centres for say 10,000 years+++ and in a country like NZ might not have been in touch with humanity, certainly not in recent polluting human times of the last millennia.  This video also introduces Russian Professor Konstantin Korotkov, who can be viewed in more detail with some of his water information in some other videos here.

11.7   Dr Masaru Emoto  A MUST TO VIEW

Messages from Water November 14, 2013

This is a must view video about water and god. Great story....and video made when Dr Emoto was sick, and the next year he died.

Danny D. B. Ho Lecture and Workshop Series in Holistic Therapy -- Symposium November 14, 2013

Duration: 35 min:47 sec


This video is rather poor quality pics, but wise words by interviewee Dr Masaru Emoto (‘Missionary of Water’) about the magic of Water, presented by new

 Crystals in Water and the Changing Quality/Structure of Water Crystals

Dr Masaru Emoto’s research, introduced in the video above, is further explained here. Note solid earth crystals are made of silica.

Refers to the childrens’ book ‘The Message of Water’   for which there is a free download and ON OUR WEB site. 

Duration: 9 mins: 29 sec

Approx total time all first 4 evenings viewing (excluding the extra movie/audio on fluoride):

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Evening Three       2h 21m
Evening Four         3h 12m
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