Heartland Farm

Heartland Springs is located on Heartland Farm.

Most of the pictures at the top of each web site page have been taken on Heartland Farm. The Home, Contact, Maori & Water and Waikato River pages are obvious exceptions.

Heartland Farm, which comprises about 45 acres, has been operated in line with the farm owners view of organics for some 28+ years - being as they then were, one of NZ's pioneers in organic care of the land.

For over 20 years all people living-residents on this land and all animals raised on this land have been drinking the RAW ORGANIC SPRING WATERS.

The spring waters services the homestead and the cottage and all the out-buildings, and also all farm troughs.

At no time during these 20+ years has this spring water ever caused any ailment with any person or animal on this farm. On the contrary, some say it has positively influenced their life. Several very positive testimonies from past tenants who lived on this farm are available to inspect at our office.

There is reliable word of mouth evidence that our spring water was the source for drinking water of British military in the mid 1800's. See HERE

Heartland Farm produced a small operating booklet around 20 years ago. Here is picture of its back page and cover.

This booklet sets out our organic principles, and a copy is available for reading at Heartland Farm' office.

For any visitors to this farm we must add a note of caution.

All farms have inherent dangers. A list of such dangers for those visiting or living on Heartland Farm is available on request at the farm office.

Therefore any children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at or on the farm. The children, while at or on the farm, must remain the responsibility of that parent or guardian. This is a condition of entry to the farm. Another condition of entry to the farm is the requirement that the farm and farm owners and lessees neither assume or take any legal liability or other responsibility towards any visitors or tenants while they are on or at the farm. Refer also to the other terms and conditions on this web site HERE.

All spring water collection from this farm is at the back farm gate, which is accessed from Irish Road. Irish Road is accessed from SH2.

“Nothing happens in living nature that is not in relation to the whole”
— Goethe