Pure can be defined as being:

  • free from anything of a different,   inferior, or contaminating kind -         such as pure water
  • free from extraneous matter-such as pure water
  • unmodified by an admixture; simple or homogeneous
  • of unmixed descent or ancestry
  • free from foreign or inappropriateelements
  • unaffected.

The above definition is from the web site 'dictionary-reference'

We say that this definition suggests something, to be pure, is more likely to be natural; certainly being unmodified and with no foreign additives.

To take out  minerals from a water, when those same minerals were put into the water by nature or the earth, hardly can be fairly described as turning water into a more pure state. The pure state of natural water is inclusive of the life-giving minerals which are a part of that waters life.

The EU has very specific rules/laws about what a bottled spring or bore water has to meet, before it can assume the  name of 'natural mineral' or 'natural spring' water.

These include:

"natural mineral water may have properties favorable to health AND is distinguished from 'ordinary' drinking water by its nature, minerals, trace elements, certain effects and natural purity. Any disinfection treatment by whatever means shall be prohibited."

See the full EU rule 2009/54 HERE

This EU rule supports the term natural purity.

Think about raw food (meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit) and processes of the natural life cycle each go through; from birth, youth, maturity to death.  

If one buys raw foods, then often one puts them in a cooler place to extend life. Likewise with living water. 

What seems so misunderstood is that water also has a life process, and a death process, and then a post-death decay. But many commercial processes applied to drinking water today, are intended to kill waters natural life, so it can sit for a long time in transit or on shop shelves.

Some say they 'process' water because otherwise a natural pure water may one day enable green algae growth in the water/water container.

Yes, living water  might or might not over time grow algae; because water is alive this can happen. This need not indicate health negatives, nor need it  happen with the ageing of some alive waters. Some people pay big $ to buy algae grown in clean water...being the small green algae growth called spirulina and chlorella.

Chlorella is a genus of single-cell green algae, belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta. It is spherical in shape, about 2 to 10 μm in diameter, and is without flagella. 

Chlorella contains the green photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll-a and -b in its chloroplast. Through photosynthesis, it multiplies rapidly, requiring only carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and a small amount of minerals to reproduce.

Many people believed Chlorella could serve as a potential source of food and energy, in part because of its photosynthetic efficiency. 

So the formation of green algae in a naturally pure water container need not give rise to major concern....and it can be easily cleaned out between refills of a container. The non-occurrence of a green alage is a good indication either the water is dead or you are caring for your alive water in a loving positive manner,

The potential for green algae growth in water containers can be minimised by  love and positive water care, or, as stated already, it can be cleaned out before the next fresh water is delivered into the same cleaned container. 

Because some old unused bread leaves mold   (such mold now realised to be the fore-runner to useful penicilin) in the home bread bin/container, does not mean one throws out the bread bin/container. Rather the bread bin/container in that event is cleaned and the next  great smelling and tasting freshly cooked loaf of bread is put into it. 

How to love and positively care for your alive natural Raw Organic Spring Water?

Four steps can allow your water to be green algae free and drinkable some years from the day you receive it (if our own tests are to be relied on, where we stored our water for 10 years+, and then found it still in a clear clean state, and then we drank it unprocessed and untreated, and with no negative effects). Here are some tips:

  • keep and store our water away from light- so best if a cover is placed over the water container, and the water not being used should be stored in a place away from all direct light and sun rays- sun and water are opposing forces. 
  • keep all our water at temperature of about 4 degrees centigrade (i.e. cool) while it is stored. This is the same temperature when water is also at its most alive and dense and heavy and best structured state.
  • store water in a container which can let water breath...a porcelain container will enable this, or some other container with a air vent.
  • have a system in the storage container (perhaps in a cap or top) which enables water to move inside the container and be vortexed from time to time. About a 25 minute vortex would stimulate the water's life forces.
  • water prefers an egg shaped container as first preference, or a round sided cylinder as second. 

Of course the other sensible thing to do is to consume our Raw Organic Spring Water while it is still fresh and alive. This is one reason why we will deliver our fresh and alive water each two weeks to your home- or you can come collect it regularly from our back gate.

Ask yourself, are dead preserved mummified foods or drinks positive to consume and have inside our bodies? Things preserved for ages may not useful to a living body.

 Our Raw Organic Spring Water is living water which is really alive water, which has just come to the surface of earth at a spring source, perhaps seeing the surface of our earth for the first time in hundreds or thousands of years...being water which is in an unpolluted naturally pure state.


Many of the drinking waters on the market today follow the phobia of preserving, processing, refining and sterilising everything.

Sterile is defined as being:

  • free from living germs or micro-organisms; aseptic:
  • incapable of producing offspring; not producing offspring.
  • barren; not producing vegetation:
  • noting a plant in which reproductive  structures fail to develop
  • not productive of results, ideas, etc 
  • fruitless.

The above definition is from the web site 'dictionary-reference'

This is rather different from the definition of  'pure'.

Pure is a water, we say, which is NATURALLY free of all contaminants and all germs, but is still alive-living.

Sterile is a water, we say, where all germ and other microorganisims have been killed by a human over-kill process, where also the water itself has been killed. Maybe 'kill the bugs and the host being at same time', has some similarity with the radiation and chemotherapy of modern medicine? 

These artificial 'purification or sterilisation' processes with drinking water can extend to:

  • adding chlorine, which is an s5 poison
  • adding fluoride sourced from toxic waste or an artificial sodium fluoride
  • adding artificial aluminium
  • adding copper
  • adding oxygen 
  • ultra violet light
  • ozonation
  • use of river water which has in it treated sewerage, and/or chemical, farm, industry  and/or drug residues, and usually someone elses 'used'hormones, and much more
  • reverse osmosis ('RO') & pollutants from the plastic in RO membranes 
  • multiple filtering processes
  • additives such as coral powders or other derivatives to neutralise pH
  • sludge and toxins which accumulate in filters that are too old to be effective
  • pollutants accumulating in pipes from water source to home tap
  • removal of all minerals in a natural water- resulting in a hungry water seeking lost minerals from your body
  • processing including ionisation, which could alkinalise or acidify water, moving it from its natural pH. 
  • magnetising or electrification of water
  • water being polluted by nearby EMF frequencies
  • water being damaged by sunlight or constant warmth

If the above artificial processes and additives were generally effective remedies for our health, one could imagine that few people would die or get sicker in modern day hospitals or after visiting doctors. 

Yet, in NZ there are deaths each year put down to medical mis-adventure.

ACC (New Zealand's Accident Compensation Corporation) data showed payments to victims of botched surgery, missed diagnosis and other "medical mis-treatment injuries"(mis-adventure) were set to top $90m in 2009.

The ACC figures showed many patients (those under treatment) were more likely to be injured at their local doctor's clinic than at any other treatment center, except for orthopaedic treatment; with GPs and practice nurses involved in 518 ACC successful claims.

Re-considering the un-natural preserved, processed, refined and sterilised state of many drinking waters.

Lets look specifically at bottled water. 

One NZ bottler advertises his water is the most 'pure' in world-cause he uses these systems to process and purify it, he says:

  • ultra violet light
  • reverse osmosis
  • ozonation
  • 3x filtering processes
  • additives to neutralise pH

We suggest such resultant processed water is STERILE, and not naturally pure.

It is likely such water can have a an extremely long shelf life, cause there is no life left in the bottled water. It is already dead, and is more like a mummified mummy, than anything living.

Obviously this has great positives from the bottled waters manufacturer's point of view. They do not need to source and sell fresh alive water- instead selling a preserved, processed 'something' with a long long shelf life. 

This might also have positives when being considered by a consumer. As this water looks 'pure', even if it is preserved in a dead state - in effect mummified.

Today some consumers are waking-up to the dangers of refined sugar, to the danger of preservatives used in meats and processed foods and drinks. Some consumers are waking-up to the potential damage of poisons used in the food and drink chains. Some consumers are realising that raw foods are best to buy and either eat raw, or make into fresh drinks. 

It is such aware consumers who are likely to seek out and buy our raw organic spring water.

These are the people we now have a responsibility to sell to.

Those who seek to remain drinking un-naturally preserved, processed, refined and/or sterilised waters, often with additives included- are not within our market niche.

Our raw organic spring water appreciates being loved and wanted; as do most life forms on our earth while fully alive.

“On earth it is a lot easier to go down or stay down, than to go up due to force of gravity. To determine to move against the force of gravity, to elevate our thinking, is a conscious and difficult process.”
— Frank Moody (celebrated his 95th birthday at Heartland Farm)