David (Rawiri) Phillips
(Chief Consultant)

David/Rawiri/Kahue is enthused with the decision to share this natural wonder of Heartland Springs with the wider community.

When asked how old he is, he says with a grin that the spring water keeps him active and young....and that he nowadays evaluates age as the number of years left TO LIVE before the destined death.  He rejects numerical 'age' calculations based on his birth date.

David has spent a few years in business and another few in training in the court-justice processes and another few in re-education about nature, the environment and living.

He says he has 3 goals in his new COO role.

First, to help build a team of enthused and fun and ethical people to assist in marketing and distributing this Raw Organic Spring Water water, such that our market extends in time to be inclusive of about 20,000 homes located within about 1.5 hours drive of the farms front gate; and

Second to utilise funds earned to initially repay all debts related to the Heartland Farm, and then to apply surplus new monies toward an education facility toward water/ organics and wild edible weeds.

Third, to source as soon as practically possible a new and effective CEO/COO, to take over the management reins. to enable David to re-retire from any business sector. 

Wiri Te Moni (DJ Wiz)
(Operations Consultant)

WIRI 2.jpg

Wiri has lived over 3 years at Heartland Farm.  He has self-experienced the benefits of drinking this Raw Organic Spring Water throughout this time. 

Wiri was one of those people who felt the spring water and farm should be opened up to the wider community and the world. In this regard he gave Rawiri Piripi as Wiri prefers to call David, a kick along, to enable the present process and systems to be set up for sales.

When Wiri is not enjoying the delights of Heartland Farm, he is multitasking in his many life pursuits as Mixshow DJ @ Flava FM. Pro DJ, Club DJ, Remixer, Event Creator @ Spinners Entertainment.
Co-founder & Event Designer @ DNA Trust.
Researcher, Lecturer & Film Editor @ Rainbow Project Media.

It was at the presentation of another of Wiri's skills and talents, where he and Rawiri first met. Wiri was talking to a public gathering in the Waikato about the 'Freeman On The Land Movement', and its links to the 1835 Declaration of Independence (Whakaputunga).

At a Farmers Market Wiri  was presenting Heartland Spring's Raw Organic Spring water to the public. He was asked:"Why Are You Doing this?"

Wiri's reply, conveyed with his engaging smile, was:

"It is not just for the money although becoming $ independent will be great. It is linked to health and well being aspects as well, I see this amazing water being a connecting point between all people--all races and help us raise our consciousness and awareness to new highs. We are ALL about 70% water and it's a great opportunity for us to  realise our oneness again". "Tino pai, tino wai!".


Our people are all contracted to the company Heartland Springs Limited, which holds the spring water take rights under license from Mount William Spring Water Limited. The latter company holds the water take rights from the Regional Council.

Thereby none of our people are employed in any conventional sense - indeed neither company employs anyone in any conventional sense. This means none of our contracted self-employed people have any legal responsibility for actions of the company.

This should not reduce our peoples enthusiasm for our product and service. Each will operate as self employed persons - and their successes will be reflected in their respective earnings. 


We seek an administration person to join our consulting team, and also more sales people and future franchisees.


We will structure all of our sales team along similar lines, with all being success-fee orientated. See HERE


We will structure all our delivery team, once we get the initial customer levels economic, as franchises. These franchise persons being able to develop self sufficient/individual businesses- with relatively high earning potential. See more here

Thereby a reasonable share of all income will flow back to sales people and franchisees.

Here are some people who have agreed to become our initial franchisees  -  we seek 25 franchisees all together to cover Auckland Region, Hamilton and Tauranga. Each franchise area will have about 25,000 homes therein.

You may phone any of our franchisees to make arrangements for water deliveries in their areas.

Our initial franchisees and their respective territories are:

Wiri Te Moni

Wiri was born and raised in the central districts of Auckland as well as spending more than 18 years of his life in Hamilton living, working, networking and engaging with the wider community through his career and relationships with people. He is the perfect franchiser to comb these 2 areas and nurture and purvey Heartland Springs raw organic spring water to the people living in these areas.

Wiri has and still works within the retail, hospitality, events management and media industries. Wiri produces weekly radio mixshows for 2 radio stations 1 in Hamilton (Radio Tainui) and 1 in Auckland (Flava FM) showcasing his iconic skills in Dj'ing and music production to these audiences within these areas.

Wiri has worked in the people moving business as a Taxi owner/operator for 10 years engaging people from all over the world daily, he is a real peoples person with a friendly warm persona and can get on with all people from all walks of life.


We seek to appoint sales agents in each farmers market within our wider areas.

These are most likely to be existing farmers market sellers, who can add our raw organic spring water to the range of products they sell at a market.


“People and anything else only become less than perfect when compared to someone or something else or when influenced by negative forces...

Negative forces cannot flourish when absolute aroha (unconditional love) reigns.”
— Dr Rangimarie Turuki (Rose) Pere in her book 'Te Wheke' (a celebration of infinite wisdom)