Like many other product suppliers, we consider our best sales-people can become our customers, those who are really satisfied with our RAW ORGANIC SPRING WATER.

Many who use our water now, say their bodies have adjusted to the consumption, hydration and taste of  our water, and that they cannot easily drink other water on the market.

This would follow similar words of Hannah Kroeger, one of the words most renown herbalists-healers, when she wrote on her web site about how the body seeks, and once provided wants more of, the water with the 'best'surface tension for the body and with vibrations which the body can best use to retain health. She recommended raw spring water to meet these body needs (see more information about Hannah and her own spring water searching and drinking here and here):


Like some other product suppliers, we seek to reward our customers who can and do source new 12 month customers for us.  

This might involve simply talking to family and friends---or it might involve a talking to neighbors---or it might involve a  party plan approach.

One of our team can come to explain more about our water to a group of friends or associates or neighbors of an existing customers- as long as the group we are to address is 5 or more persons. See more about this service and offer here.

Keep in mind that your efforts to 'refer a friend', might also assist them by you being instrumental in them moving away from the poisons associated with some alternative drinking water sources.

Information within our web site might assist in some sort of understanding of some of the risks of some alternative drinking water choices.

This bonus reward is activated in any situations where you refer a person who (subject to the conditions set out herein) within one month of such referral, signs-up with us for a minimum 12 months supply of our Raw Organic Spring Water.

You do not need to do any more than introduce them to us, and we can follow-up with contracts to sign. A condition is that the new customer must be located in an area within our operating boundaries, and where we can deliver to at least 5 other clients within the same close proximity.We also reserve all rights to accept or reject any clients, and if we reject they do not contribute within this bonus system.

Should you also sign the friend up to our written contract (which can be downloaded here) then there is an added bonus.


We seek to provide to our customers who source new customers, a range of rewards. These may change from time to time, but any changes will not be retrospective. Here are our present offers.

1.Where you introduce the friend and we do the follow-up to get them signed. In this event you receive one free bottle of water up to a 20 litre size (excluding delivery costs, which still remain due if water is home-delivered). This has an equivalent retail value of $12 for each new introduced friend. This is a bonus in addition to those bonuses set out in clauses 3 to 5 herein.

2.Where you both introduce the friend get them signed. In this event (which is an alternative to clause 1 bonus above) you receive two free bottles of water up to a 20 litre size (excluding delivery costs, which still remain due if water is home-delivered). This has an equivalent retail value of $24 for each new introduced friend. This is a bonus in addition to those bonuses set out in clauses 3 to 5 herein.

3. Potential FREE Annual water (delivery costs still apply if the water is home delivered - but free from farm gate if you collect). This applies where an existing customer sources 35 new 12 month clients, as defined above, whereby they will receive from the date their 35th new customer is signed up, a voucher entitling them to a free 12 month supply of our Raw Organic Spring Water (up to a maximum of 6 x 20 litre or near sized containers per month AND excluding delivery costs, which still remain due if water is home-delivered).

This will apply from the date when the 35th new customer is sourced by them and singed up to us- and this will be IN ADDITION to the bonuses described elsewhere herein- and after the 35th level is reached for a free 12 month water supply, then this bonus starts again and a customer can seek to source another 35 new customers for another 12 month free supply on the conditions set our herein.

4. Where you organise a party plan or sports/gym/yoga club gathering or marae hui, where one of our people are invited to come talk to a group of no less than 7 potential new clients (two or more people from same family are welcome to attend, but for purposes of this bonus counts as one person), then this bonus will be for each 7 people (as defined herein) who attend the party plan, no matter how many eventually sign-up as new clients.

This bonus is additional to the new client sign-up bonus referred to in clauses 1, 2 and 3 above.

The bonus reward will be a months free water supply (up to a maximum of 6 x 20 litre or near sized containers per month, excluding delivery costs, which remain due if water is home-delivered) for each 7 persons who are potential new clients and who attend such party plan with one of our representatives also being present. Thereby 14 such people so attending would see a 2 month free water supply (on conditions set out herein).  

5. Bonus reward to two'refer a friend' successes - paid trip to Pacific Island destination.

(a) Once our customer base exceeds 1000 in number (these being families who are contracted for minimum 12 months supply) we will offer in the next May or June or July (months) after such customer level is reached (hopefully by May 2016) an opportunity for two of our lucky customers.

 This reward will be a free trip to a Pacific destination of our choice and will cover a trip for 2 persons (the persons has to include one who is already an existing customer and whose family has signed up the most new customers under our 'refer a friend' system), in the period up to when the first 1000 customer level is reached of individual 12 month contracts. The trip will take place in the following May to July period. The reward will include economy travel costs, shared accommodation and 2 meals a day. The person attending will be expected to contribute 5 hours of their time to our purposes during the week's holiday --- as this trip will coincide with Heartland Springs own sales and marketing convention in that same Pacific Island destination.

The trip will cover the winner of this refer a friend bonus, and that person can being at our cost a partner.

(b) Another bonus trip will be available by way of a draw from a hat, eligible being the top 10  runner-ups (being the persons who sign-up the second to 10th most number of new clients in the same above stated time period), where by one will be invited on this trip on the same conditions and terms as stated above, except this bonus trip will be for one person only and will not cover any costs of a partner.

Should you seek to seek of us more information about this 'refer a friend' bonus system, please send us the request on the form herein.

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