Wiri (DJ Wiz): 

“I lost ½ my body weight in 18 months, the 1st thing each morning I do is drink 1.5 litres of this great tasting Heartland Spring water, tino pai, tino wai!”




“For about 5 years my mother and I have collected all our drink & food water uses from Heartland Farm; which is a Garden of Eden. This spring water is delicious.”





Little David: 

The mother of this boy writes:

“My son David has numerous health issues (e.g. endocrine functions). We tried many different brands of water, before we found Heartland Springs. David’s health has improved with good organic food & this raw unprocessed clean spring water. It’s amazing!  Plus I can’t believe how good this spring water tastes.




Sarah (Mum), Baby Emerson, Honor & Taj:

This little boy had a remarkable reaction to our Raw Organic Spring Water, when introduced to it as his drinking choice for the first time at the Clevedon markets.

His was the best of many great responses that day, and his came without words. 

He grabbed the glass off mum and went to drink and drink...as mum took it off him...he grabbed it back...and within about 10 min this tiny guy had completed a glass ...and in between he had some wonderful gestures of delight.

Honor also said "I love the taste of this water".



Veronique Piton: 

Received in Oct 2011: Veronique works part time at Huckleberries Organic Food Store in Auckland. Nonetheless, she still in 2015 continues to drive once or twice each month to Heartland Farm to fill up her many 20 litre water containers. (Note -the 2 videos she refers to herein can be seen in our Cinema Page HERE):

"All my life I've been researching what makes up "good health" as I believe it to be the most precious gift we can possess in life. As our bodies are about 70 % water it stands to reason that I've asked myself "what is the best water I can drink?"  It goes without saying that I haven't drank tap water in over 20 years, as it is polluted with fluoride, chloride, hormones, medicines... all of which makes tap water very unsafe to consume in any way.
So what other options are available? As I work in one of the biggest Healthfood stores in Auckland you would think that I would have a smorgasbord of choices, but after research of where the water comes from, how it’s been processed, bottled ... most fall short of my ideal "spring water".
Best Selling Author and Live-Food Nutrition Authority David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis each studied Viktor Schauberger and the subject of water. They concluded that Spring Water is the finest water to drink.

Some related web sites of interest to me are: Daniel Vitals- water the true elixir of life (See our cinema page HERE)

I had referred to me the water from the Heartland Farm Springs. Having visited David Phillips/Rawiri Piripi's organic Heartland Farm for the last 6 years, I observed first hand his organic care of the land there. I liked the pristine and alive look to his spring water. I liked the fact it is a natural spring water source, and not a bore.

After I learned about some more details of this particular spring water; details like the mineral analysis/ratios, the pH of this water, the soft/hard ratio of this water, and seeing it being clean and crystal clear ... I'm very excited to be getting my water from Heartland Farm Spring.

I believe that spring water that comes naturally to the surface of earth, from a deep underground aquifer pocket, to be pure and clean and nutritious, the best for my health and the health of my family. I only wish I was in David's/Rawiri's position of having all my house water coming from this spring!"  - Veronique Piton, Auckland NZ, October 2011.








Grace & Baby Ivy:

I’ve been on a mission to improve my health since the birth of my ‘Ivy’. Upon moving to Heartland Farm and drinking this Raw Spring water, I have felt a lot more vibrant- and my hair and nails are growing amazingly quickly. My baby Ivy seems to dislike any tap water now. I’m so glad I can give her the best.” 


Kate & Olivia: 

These lovely girls are twin sisters and they enjoyed our spring water at the Pukekohe markets, their exact words were "It's good" & "I like it".

Renee & Riley:

These 2 lovely girls came up to our store to ask if they could try our spring water, their responses were very positive.












Larissa & Nathan:

Larissa and Nathan are brother and sister and they enjoyed our spring water at the Howick markets. Larissa described our spring water as being "Yummy".





Happy Sisters:

These 2 sisters enjoyed our spring water at Howick markets, they said "We love this spring water" and gave the thumbs up!.







Ambers comments from Howick market was "Lovely water".













Thomas seen here at the Howick market enjoying our spring water.












We met Holly with her dad at the Clevedon markets, and she said "i really like this spring water".































David W Phillips (Rawiri Piripi or Kahue)

David/Rawiri is the kaitikiaki of Heartland Farm. He says this about this Raw Organic Spring Water he has been drinking for over 20 years:

“I guess one of the prime reasons I was attracted to buy Heartland Farm in the late 1980’s, was some sort of unseen and hard-to-describe energy attraction. It used to ‘draw me into it every time I passed the gate. Today, I would say one logical attraction was the amazing natural spring located on this farm. Hundreds of thousands of litres of crystal clear clean water coming up from mother earth like a natural fountain every day - 24/7. 

When we took over management of the farm, the spring was represented by unprotected holes in the ground, with water coming up in several different places. The main spring water flow was like a fire hydrant, with water continuously spurting forth from holes in solid rocks. THE TEMPERATURE OF WATER, AS IT NATURALLY EXITED THROUGH A SMALL HOLE IN THE EARTH’s ROCKS, REMAINS A CONSTANT TEMPERATURE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.

Initially I did not live on the farm, remaining in Auckland City. Over a few years I experienced some events which seemed to drive me towards this farm. Once I got the message clearly enough, I moved to live in its historic homestead.

It still took some more time before more of my attention was applied to the spring water.

First, it became a task to build a well around the spring, not to stop it flow continuously, more to protect it from its nearby surface surrounds - and to set aside an area around the spring as sacred; excluding also from this area animals and birds and most people on this farm (or visiting this farm). It was during this process that we measured the water flow from our main natural exit point from earth; and this revealed we needed to be pumping out the ‘hole’ (as it then was) at a rate of about 1 million litres a day, to keep up with the natural water flow from earth. We also did some water tests, and were pleasantly surprised to find that this water was of a very high drinking quality.

In those days, little did I understand about water- as it had never been a subject of learning at school or University, or anywhere society-wide.

After this initial attempt at protecting this spring and testing the water, I started drinking this water as my primary water intake. We then also ensured all water used in our homestead and on the farm for animals and gardens and trees was sourced from this same spring. That would be well over 20 years ago.

Soon after this time we also sought and obtained a visit to this spring from Maori and Waitaha. This involved a sacred ritual, starting at our front gate at daybreak, whereby the procession of guests then made their way to the spring. Through a range of prayers, incantations and intent, all prior tapu on or around this spring were lifted - and blessings were gifted to these wonderful spring waters, which really today could be called sacred waters. I was asked by the Ruka family to provide additional protection to the spring water source.

It took some more years before we applied to the Regional Council and iwi for formal water rights, to take and sell this water as a quality spring drinking water. In the intervening time period we had been giving the water away for free, and sought to continue doing this. But as we moved through the passage-ways of bureaucracy, it became apparent these processes were going to include some serious cash costs, to prepare all aspects suitable to present this water for public sale. These costs have seen about $100,000 expended on this project to date. The result is the spring water will become available for sale, at a price which we seek to keep around the lower level of bottled drinking water. We also have a farm mortgage to repay and seek to use water sales fund inflows to establish a water & organics education trust on this farm.

We then moved to extend additional protection to the 4 primary spring water outlets, in this spring area of our farm.

Today there are 4 distinct large secure thick concrete lockable structures, protecting and sheltering these multiple spring water outlets from all external influences. As we developed all of these protective coverings (each of which still let the spring water flow naturally), it became obvious to us that the total spring water exiting earth at these multiple locales is about 1.5 to 2 million litres per day. We also recently commissioned many more water tests and were delighted to see the consistency of this water quality in our main spring source over an approximate 12 year period.

For purpose of spring water sales we will use the main older spring source. It is the spring producing about 1 million litres of crystal clear spring water each day. I still recall the water engineer expert coming one day to see this spring and to prepare to take some water samples. I can still hear the enthusiasm in his words, which were along these lines:

‘Look at the clarity of this water. I can tell it is fine to drink, just by looking at it...seldom do I ever see such crystal clear sparking water today’.

I can attest that for over 20 years this spring water has been my sole drinking and washing water source, while I am located at Heartland Farm. When I leave the farm for travel, I have become a pedantic water seeker, as I find it difficult to locate any water anywhere which comes close to the quality and delightful taste of this Heartland spring water. Of course, I am always looking at water analysis on the side of bottled waters, as another guide. Seldom do I find the overall analytical package I enjoy with the Heartland Springs.

It is fair to say I do not seek to ‘sell’ this water per se to anyone; and nor do I seek to change anyone from their mindful purpose about drinking water. It is more accurate for me to explain that I do feel a burden lifting, now we are getting very close to be able to offer this amazing water to the wider market.

My role, I now more fully understand, is to provide consumers a choice, which includes an opportunity for each person to buy an use this special spring water, AND to enable the choice to be more informed for those who seek to become informed, by opening a door to the knowledge about water that my own seeking has uncovered. That is all. I hope people can believe in themselves.

I have no problems welcoming people who have alternative or opposed views about water; nor do I seek to covert anyone to my belief or water knowledge. I hope some people who read our web site and the research thereon. I hope people who drink regularly this remarkable spring water can in that way, somehow take in the knowledge this water encompasses within its un-processed and un-refined natural molecules.

 Water has become a wonderful medium for my own learning, learning which continues every day. I sincerely hope it can become so for many others. I have no doubts that, especially during the time of relative stress I adopted into my past lifestyle, this water assisted me in many material health related and holistic ways. I am a cancer survivor. When I regularly consume this water, enough to be daily hydrated, then it seems during those times flu and other negative minor bugs do not negatively impact my body. This does not of course mean it would have the same effect on others.

Without going into any details, I can confirm I am witness to some people who come to this farm for their water, or have this spring water delivered to them- who have relayed some remarkable healthful benefits. Of course this is not scientific. There might have been other reasons for those healthful benefits.

Also, increased water intake should be considered in tandem with each person’s professional heath provider, and no one should make decision about their or their family’s heath based on anything in this web site, or within my testimony. Please feel welcome to share this web site with your health professional - and I would welcome their feedback.

My inspiration for our collective future, can come from watching children near the Heartland Spring source. They can transform in close proximity to the spring water (sometimes to the consternation of accompanying parents, who don’t feel the desire or inspiration of being splashed from head to toe with this water!). Children can really express themselves when they realise this spring flows 24/7 -ALL THE TIME; no need to turn off the tap!

These Heartland Springs, I have observed, has been flowing non-stop for 28 years, and the reports before I purchased this land was they had been used asa ‘watering hole’ for early European settlers in the 1800’s, as the main stop-off point for humans, cattle, horses and then cars, en-route between Auckland and Thames. Before that, maori colleagues suggest to me the same spring was used as a source for drinking water for about 800 years by them; and before them Waitaha descendants (today officially maori) suggest this same spring was used by their peoples for several purposes (including sacred purposes) from around the time of Christ. Indigenous peoples respected such natural spring water flows, as a resource to be honoured and loved. Many people today seem to have lost touch with such a wonderful gift from our earth.

Back to my story about children and this spring water. Once they become one with this spring water, and realise playing it in will not waste it, nor harm them as there are no pollutants therein; children begin to play in a manner I perceive similar to the way water molecules themselves play, when spring water is permitted by mankind to remain freely structured as nature intended. Today much damage is done to natural water, especially when it is constricted or pulled-apart (RO process) or pushed too fast, or added to or ultra-violet exposed (remember water opposes light in all forms) by mankind’s artificial filtering & other water-torturous tampering/manipulated processing.

I close with metaphors - I liken the freedom of structure, that water seems to naturally possess, and compare these water molecules and there changing/light touching/dancing with many partners, similar to a large group of children playing freely and innocently in a field or forest clearing in nature. Conversely, I see the processing of water by human invention, as being similar to the forced education of children inside a classroom, when they are not allowed to touch or play or even openly question, as they steadfastly are told to sit still and learn, the adult human way. And yet we are about 70% water?

Why do we not learn from water, instead of controlling & manipulating her?

Maybe the capacity to learn depends on the type of water we choose to drink?   

David W Phillips/Rawiri Piripi     Heartland Farm     9 March, 2015

“ The greatest value is in those who can change with evolving developments.”
— Huia Nanzi - Chinese Taoist