Why are we doing this?

The reasons for us beginning this home delivery of our Raw Organic Spring Water can be described within five categories   ---   Although let us first be clear.

We would prefer all NZ peoples to have access to a quality spring water for all drinking choices --- not necessarily only our Raw Organic Spring Water. We of course are bias- cause we think the spring water on Heartland Farm  is 'wai ora' - one of the very best we have come across world wide. If all cites and towns pumped a naturally pure spring water to all homes for drinking purposes, we would feel very satisfied, and we would not then feel a responsibility to distribute and sell our Raw Organic Spring Water.

Sadly, however, that utopia is far from the reality of today---Today we collectively are more like the ancient Romans, when they are rumoured to have piped drinking water through lead pipes and said to have collectively became sick as a nation. Instead of lead pipes today...our leaders have chosen many other poisons to add to household drinking waters. 

That a household tap drinking water 'utopia' is possible ( if the practice we are told about in a USA town is correct) is demonstrated in the town called Mt Shasta, in the State of California, USA.  This small town is said to reticulate to most homes raw untreated natural spring water.

See also the Mt Shasta spring water company, which distributes natural untreated spring water outside their town.

Two of their lighthearted fun brief water videos are reproduced here. Mt Shasta have given us approval to present on this web site two of their water 'Bob' videos. We note that Mt Shasta is in no way, nor in any manner, involved with Heartland Springs, nor do they endorse Heartland Springs; nor have we asked them to so do. 

Back to our reasons for 'WHY ARE WE DOING THIS':

1. Financial

1.1 We seek to repay all debts linked to Heartland Farm,and then be able to secure and protect this 'Garden of Eden' where over 6,000 trees and bushes have been planted in the past 20 years, for future generations.

1.2 We seek to use much of the net surplus funds arsing from sales, in developing the infrastucture for education of peoples about water, organics and wild edible weeds.

1.3 We seek to see each successful distributor become financially independent; and our sales people/team to earn good monies in the establishment stages.

1.4 We seek to have a system in place so that we can drink our spring water when we reside outside NZ. This requires funds to set-up delivery of some of our spring water offshore and a water holding tank in our chosen city of residence.

2. Education

2.1 We seek our web site to become an international portal for anyone seeking to learn, in a comprehensive manner, more about water, especially the water we chose to drink. We hope this can facilitate over time, more informed choices being made by more people.

2.2 We seek, in time, to establish a mobile classroom to teach children in an interactive format about water....see our web page about this project/vision titled Wai Challenge ---HERE

2.3 We seek, in time, to build facilities at Heartland Farm for serious and fun education programs about water, organics and wild edible weeds.

3. Health

3.1 To share with others this remarkable water. Wai Ora - the Water Of Life.

 While we make no promise (nor are we allowed to) about any preventive or treatment or cure uses for this Raw Organic Spring Water we call the 'Water Of Life', we will encourage every person we will come in contact with to do their own research---to make their own informed decisions. We ask each person to become more conscious abut the water they chose to drink --- and to follow their own INFORMED or EDUCATED guidance before choosing.

3.2 We will welcome any testimony being conveyed to us about the purported personal health benefits, self- experienced by others; which might or might not have been linked to this remarkable water (or by a person stopping drinking other water which might conversely save them from possible harm). But again, we stress cannot suggest, nor do we, that similar benefits might flow to others. We are all different, and any changes to diet or drinking habits should always be considered in tandem with each individuals health professional advisor.

4. Wider Water Awareness - beyond money, education and health.

4.1 We all comprise about 70% water.

In this regard we have much (a majority) of us which is in common, one with the other. 

We perceive that the consumption of a polluted (embodied with heavy metals or disinfectants or fluoride or endocrine disruptors) or dead (distilled or RO treated) or preserved (combination of distilling and filtering and other treatments) or mummified (so artificially 'pure', it is sterile) water, with negative collective memories,  can contribute to the inability for accord, making peace between each person a struggle.

Simply looking at the crystals of water pictured by Dr M Emoto, can show the angry/horrific crystal images of some city tap water and some polluted river water. When one compares those pictures of crystals in polluted waters, to those pictures of crystals in some natural spring waters....anyone can ask themselves....which water would I prefer to pour inside my body...have inside my cells???

We perceive that all the  naturally pure Raw Organic Spring Waters worldwide, might just become a catalyst to bring together a human race; in peace, harmony and love.

5. Water as a messenger from our source.

5.1 Some now suggest water can become the next progression with computers---whereby water replaces silicon chips, and extends the capacity for computers to inter-react with us.

5.2 Let's dream for a minute. Let's assume that water just might be an information courier and storage unit.

Perhaps what some people term the Akashic Records of all life, is held within the molecular memory of all water---molecule by molecule. Perhaps this is why water molecules seek to inter-react and dance and change partners each micro-second? Perhaps water is collectively like a large beehive, with all information only available when clean naturally pure water is linked one to the other.... similarly might it be so with water inside people and inside animals? 

Maybe when we drink water which is compromised...say of a lower quality than Wai Ora -Water Of Life, our cells then perhaps lose some of their innate ability to communicate with each other, and thereby to communicate with our own whole (higher) self?  Perhaps when each human is fed on natural spring water we will be able to dispense with the artificial and risky cell-smart mobile phones; and realise we have inside each of us the natural potential for such wider communication --- and whereby pure spring water in our cells is a catalyst for this?

Maybe we have been drinking so much of this wonderful alive Heartland Springs water---that our minds are over-active---and that we see things that do not really exist. Maybe this creates in us an over-reaction to the polluting of city drinking water---or maybe we under-estimate the ability of our human bodies to live without any new water intake??? There seems so much more to learn.

Learning more ourselves, is one of the selfish reasons for doing what we do.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back.

The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one, that would never otherwise have occurred.....

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Begin it now.”

— Johann W Von Goethe