First, let’s clarify what is NOT a spring

Bore water is obtained from drilling a hole artificially into the ground, and is NOT a spring

Artesian or 'well water' often refers to a well, which stores water in a secured hole, and might be water accessed from the top of the water table, and is usually sourced by a bore and is NOT a spring.

River and stream water, rain water and all tap water cannot be called a spring.

What are the differing types of springs?

Some springs have links to recent rain water, and are not the most useful springs to source drinking water.

The best springs are those whose water naturally flows to the surface of the earth from a deep aquifer, usually being water that has been in the aquifer for a long time, maybe for between hundreds and thousands of years - and having taken some years to make its way back to the earth’s surface.

We present two others’ definitions of a spring:

“Spring water ripens and matures as it slowly mounts the depths of the earth. On its upward way it gathers to itself trace elements and minerals. Only when it is ripe, will it emerge from the earth as a spring. In this way it acts as the conveyor of all necessary minerals, trace elements and subtle energies to the environment.”  
                                                                                           VICTOR SCHAUBERGER
 "Spring water is RAW water found in deep underground aquifers and is naturally filtered & mineralized over many years, as it passes through layers of rock on its return naturally (not via any man-made bore) to the earth’s surface.” 
                                                                                            LAWRENCE WILSON, BSc

To look more at aquifers and groundwater, and the type of aquifer (contained in our case) and aspects relating to groundwater finding its way to the earth surface by way of a pressurised spring see our web site HERE.

“GRANT, O Lord, that I may be like a fire that illumines and gives warmth, like a spring of water that quenches thirst, like a tree that shelters and protects....Men are so unhappy and ignorant and have so great a need of help.....”
— THE MOTHER, of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust