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If the movie/video is stated to not be available it should be able to be viewed directly on the youtube channel by searching for the name of the commentator.

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This introduction sets out the terms and conditions of these movies being presented.

On these pages we present a range of ‘water’ videos we have found very interesting to view. Some are linked via our Home Page, and some are only accessed from these Cinema pages of Movies & Videos.

The Cinema is divided into 10 sections: each section being structured so it can be viewed in one evening, whereby it would take about 2 1/2  to 3 1/2 hours to view all videos in each section. Compatible movies are grouped together in each evening's section. 

Thereby, if a family decided to view all the movies/videos here during evening viewings - and if the 'water' education evening event was once a week, then it would take 10 weeks to complete the viewing of all movies and videos in this Heartland Cinema.

Each Cinema page comprises two evenings of  viewing.

We have not created any of these videos, rather we present the work of others. We are like a Cinema, which presents movies made by others. Except our Cinema is free. Perhaps here we are more like a visual library.

Also we will be offering bonus rewards from time to time for those who watch these movies/videos and then use information gleaned from these to answer questions in our promotional quiz. See more details here.

We express sincere thanks to all those who have taken time to create these movies/videos, and for making them available free of charge to the public. We acknowledge each of your positive efforts.

Some videos presented outline the views of respected conventional scientists.

Some presented outline the views of practising medical doctors.

Some are presented outlining the views of people respected in the healthcare or wellness or research sectors of society.

Some are presented by un-conventional people, outlining the views of un-conventional people - some who may have spent many years of their lives as ‘unconventional’ water researchers.

Many of these water videos are available on ‘you tube’, but at various and diverse locations within that massive world-wide video collection. Some have brief advertisements at the beginning, which you can choose to skip after a few seconds.

We have aggregated here some of our all-time favorite movies/videos about water, for your viewing convenience. It can save you many many hours of searching for water related videos, should you decide to seek to learn more about water. It is always for you to determine what are your ‘water truths’, and if you seek to understand more about the water you and yourfamily drink.

One undisputed truth is the fact the majority (over 50%) of each human body is composed of water (yes we are ‘water babies’ of this earth). Some scientists and researchers would argue about the exact percentage of water making up differing parts of our bodies. Many suggest we are 70% water. Over time, it seems as bodies age, many lose some of the water - but all writers we have come across are of the view that our bodies in majority (i.e. over 50%), are water.

The aspect that amazes us, given this above stated fact- is why at school, or in society, or where-ever, we are not taught all there is to know about water.

Why is it not a major subject alongside arithmetic and geography and history in EVERY curriculum, from pre-school to University??? Sure, bits about H2O might be touched on in Chemistry or Physics or biology, but it is simply unacceptable that real extensive water knowledge was not imparted to us, or to our children - and still is generally deficient in today’s schools.

Our vision is to rectify this lack of water education.

By using proceeds from water sales, assuming they become sufficient, we plan to develop a water education program located initially at Heartland Farm and with another within a mobile classroom.

Keep in mind, some posts on the internet/you tube are made by genuine people seeking to help all of us. Some other posts on the internet/you tube are made by people seeking to sell something, and might be skewed in the manner business is capable of skewing, to try to help sell that product. Some things in this latter category we suggest might include information posted promoting the use of the water ionisers and alkalinises, these units being unproven in respect to their claims. Some might claim we are biased toward spring water-as we indeed are; due to our own extensive research leading us towards this alignment with nature.

However, we do urge all people to consult with their professional advisors before making any health or lifestyle decisions, and definitely we ask that no one simply adopt our opinions or the opinions outlined in this movie/video library. By example, we are all different, and if someone has impaired kidney function, then it might be ill-advised to increase water intake in any dramatic manner, as some people are suggesting in some of these videos. We urge all readers to seek your doctor or other heath care professionals involvement, prior to any lifestyle changes.

Some posts on the internet/you tube seem to be intended to be misleading, specifically employed to confuse listeners. We trust none of the movies/videos in this cinema/library have been produced with that intent.

 A few big corporates in our present-day world make profits out of peoples’ illnesses. Some employ people whose roles are to create mis-information on the internet/you tube, or to condemn truths and promote mistruths. Such is the business structure and system of commerce we have created ourselves, around ourselves.

After all, if we as a society support a structure (as we do collectively) where a person can be paid more bonuses to increase profits, how can we seriously expect such a person to not try to increase the market size of ill people, if the company he or she is responsible for is selling illness related solutions?

We did learn something really useful about ‘drinking water’ from most of these movies/videos we now present. We have also watched many additional water videos, including some with views directly opposed to some of those now listed here. While most (but not all) of these videos we now present align with our views on drinking water – we reiterate it is important each person takes steps to source the stories they align with, and follow their own heart.

This Cinema- movie/ video gallery, might, for some people with enquiring minds, be just the beginning of their own search and research.

Some say ‘the truth will set you free’- but what today IS THE TRUTH? We hope some of these stores within our Cinema might assist some people in their own self-search for water-truths.

We ask mothers to consider learning about water, before they administer the next water to their children or extended family.

We ask husbands to learn more about water before as they go about their roles as providers to their loved ones and extended family.

We ask children to self-educate themselves about water, and help teach their parents.

We ask teachers to learn more about this substance called water. We ask doctors and health care professional to study this substance, which is the most consumed item of every human - and ask them to not just watch some videos here, but also read some books written by medical doctor colleagues, such as the Dr F Batmanghelidj, MD book titled: ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’.

To view ALL the videos presented herein would take a person or family about 29 hours . As noted above, this could take say 10 evenings of approximately 2 1/2  to 3 1/2 hour sessions of a family’s viewing time, to view all movies herein. It may stimulate a family into torrid debate and discussion.

As a convenience for our viewers, our Cinema is split into 10 sessions of about 2 1/2 -3 1/2  hours viewing per session. All our chosen movies/videos are listed on the next five pages , with two evening's viewing per page of our web site.  We call these EVENING 1 to EVENING 10 Cinema sections or sessions.

Our free water movie DVD, once produced, will have these same movies/videos in it, in the same order and divided into these same into 10 separate sections/sessions.


Is your family’s health important enough to dedicate say 2 1/2 -3 1/2   hours once a week for 10 weeks to ‘drinking water’ education/re-education?

We challenge anyone who does decide to view all these videos here, to ever be the same again: vis a vis their consciousness and care of water, and the choice of the water they and their family drink and use for all food preparation.

DISCLAIMER: In respect to the many videos of others we present on this web site or in DVD format, we do not endorse any presenters included in our chosen videos, nor do we make any recommendations about any matters raised in any of these videos. Rather, these videos are included as informational; simply to encourage debate and maybe assist you asking your health care professional more astute questions about what is best for you. Maybe some can assist in your everyday SELF-CHOICE, but none are intended as a substitute for advice from a heathcare professional of your choice. You may decide to share some of this information with your own health care professional, before that professional makes any decisions about your own health. It is important for before anyone is to diagnose anything about you, that they be a licensed health practitioner AND that they first consult in person with you.

It is important to understand that nothing within our video collection is intended to diagnose any diseases or health conditions, nor to prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Please also re-read the disclaimer section on each web page of this web site.

We also note that no producer or presenter in any video included herein, is in any manner involved with nor do they endorse Heartland Springs; nor have we asked any to so do.

 Confession: We have been selective in the videos we have chosen for this gallery. While, as we note, we have viewed many videos in addition to these few now chosen, it has been our choice to select and present only these ‘few’. Criticism about the limitation within our choices is valid, and in that respect we encourage others to view these videos and then take themselves and their family on a journey of self-searching on the internet and in You Tube and elsewhere, for a wider range of videos/views on each of the topics presented herein and any other water topics.

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