How To Receive Our Spring Water on a Regular Basis?


Fill in the 'contact us' form herein, or phone us to discuss delivery and a contract and/or to arrange for our agent to call at your home, 

Delivery, at no extra cost above the prices set out herein, can take place once or twice a month when a number of (10+) clients live a similar group area.

Minimum is 2 x 20 litre containers or their equivalent, per delivery trip, per home.

Otherwise, we can at most times arrange courier delivery at the cost of client; but this will then include an extra cost for containers.


The price of the water is per 10 or 20 litre container delivered in the greater Auckland Region (delivery cost is inclusive if a group of 10+ clients receive water in close proximity). Price for this quality spring water delivered is:

Delivery cost is 33c per litre. This is to be added to the cost of water which is 60c per litre. Total delivered cost is 93c (33c delivery + 60c water) per litre.


10 Litres of water is 93c x 10 = $9.30

20 Litres of water  is 93c x 20 = $18.60

We will deliver to your home or office your drinking water requirements every 2 weeks.

Each client will first be asked to pay for the cost of each 10 or 20 litre container we supply to them.

The cost of each 10 or 20 litre container varies by the container choice by our clients (see our product range here of available containers - or use your existing container).


We fill and deliver our spring water in approximate 10 or 20 litre containers. Although the containers are a heavy plastic, they are said by suppliers to be BPA free.

We can also supply large glass holding containers for your home. See HERE

Here is a quote from Dr Lawrence Wilson: 

“The best water to drink is usually plain spring water.  In my experience, it does not matter if it comes in plastic bottles I wish glass or other recyclable materials were used more.  However, in my experience, the plastic does not cause significant problems with the water or with your body, and the plastic can be recycled.

 Oddly, packaging it in plastic jugs, even the cloudy type of plastic water containers found in the supermarket, does not ruin its properties, although it will add a little contamination to it.  I know this runs counter to what many people claim, but it is my experience with thousands of people. Another option is to obtain spring water directly from a local spring.   A list of safe springs around the world is available at WWW.FINDASPRING.COM.” 

Normally we will collect your empty containers when we deliver the next water, and we ask clients to have these containers ready to collect- by emptying water into another home container – or you can pay for an extra water container. In future we intend to have water delivered in our stainless steel water truck containers and we will fill your empty containers outside your home or office.


We can also supply water coolers and/or container covers and other incidentals relating to water supply and storage. 


Clients can collect water themselves from the Heartland Farm spring source (ex s/s holding tank, located at farm's back entrance from Irish Road). In this event clients are to bring their own containers and to fill each container themselves, and the price will be reduced to the cost of water only, being:

 $12.00 per 20 litre container (this includes gst)


12 month water supply contracts are available and in most cases required.

There will be an he right to cancel after the first month if you are not fully satisfied – and with a right to automatically re-new at the end of each 12 month contract term. For 12 month contracts, clients will be asked to arrange to an auto TT by bank transfer payments each month.


See the web site page called REFER A FRIEND here . We offer this bonus system, and on that page it outlines how you may earn bonuses to enable near free water supply to you over a period of a month or a year. 


We seek to appoint franchisees who seek to make it their business to deliver and grow their franchised area. We invite enquiries and refer you to our web page here.

To ask questions about home delivery or to ask to arrange for our water to be delivered to your home - complete this form and submit it to us---or phone us - phone number is on contact us page of this web site here

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